Tech Fest

Tech Fest (Illuminati)

Illuminati, the annual technical-cultural-literature festival of ITM SLS Baroda University, is a remarkable event that originated in 2011 and has consistently reached greater heights each year. With the participation of over 10,000 students from colleges across India, including prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs, this festival has gained immense popularity. Every year Illuminati witnessed an explosion of excitement and innovation. It featured a diverse range of 31+ technical events organized by 6 schools. These events included thrilling robot-based competitions such as robo race and line follower, as well as engaging activities like technical paper presentations, Hackathon, Shark Tank, and Pharma Recipe. Alongside the technical events, Illuminati also offered a delightful cultural experience with 12 diverse competitions encompassing singing and dancing in various genres and formats. Moreover, sports enthusiasts could participate in 5 mega tournaments, including cricket, basketball, kabbadi, badminton, and volleyball. Also live theatrical performance by the students —a captivating adaptation of The Merchant of Venice” showcased with exceptional flair. To conclude the festival on a high note, renowned DJ mesmerized the audience with an electrifying electronic music DJ night. Apart from the intense competition, the students had the opportunity to win prizes worth more than Rs. 8 Lakhs, adding an extra level of excitement to the event.
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