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Objective: The Career Guidance Cell at ITM SLS Baroda University aims to assist students in exploring various career prospects while pursuing their degree or diploma. The cell provides valuable guidance and information about different career paths, industry trends, job opportunities, and professional development. The ultimate goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions about their future.


Under the banner of ITM Medical Hospital, ITM (SLS) Baroda University offers comprehensive health check-ups and emergency medical care facilities to ensure the well-being of its students. The university understands the importance of physical health in achieving academic success and provides the following facilities

  • Regular health check-ups to monitor and maintain students’ overall health
  • Immediate medical attention and emergency care in case of accidents, injuries, or illness
  • Well-equipped medical facilities with trained professionals to provide timely assistance

In the campus, ITM Medical Hospital takes care of health requirements of students and staff. It is a fully functional hospital with emergency/OPD/ICU and three dedicated state of the art OT’s and latest diagnostic features.


ITM SLS Baroda University assigns dedicated mentors to each class, ensuring personalized support and guidance. The mentors play a crucial role in the academic and personal development of students. Their objectives include:

  • Providing guidance on academic planning, course selection, and study strategies
  • Monitoring student’s academic progress and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Addressing individual concerns and providing necessary support
  • Acting as a bridge between students and faculty to facilitate effective communication
  • Grooming student for competitive Exams
  • Offering mentorship, motivation, and career advice and career choice to help students achieve their goals

Faculty Mentors from SOTE

  1. Prof. Vishwa Adak
  2. Dr. Ashmi Patel
  3. Prof. Srikant Jhala
  4. Prof. Anjali Bhatt
  5. Prof. Mahesh Parmar
  6. Prof. Mukul Mayank
  7. Prof. Sanjay Sindhav

Faculty Mentors from SOB

  1. Prof. Sonalee Telang
  2. Prof. Tanveer Qureshi
  3. Prof. Saurabh Jain
  4. Prof. Rashvin Tailor

Faculty Mentors from SOP

  1. Prof. Prajakta Kulkarni
  2. Prof. Maanika Menon
  3. Prof. Ankita Tarapra

Faculty Mentors from SOS & SOPM

  1. Dr. Rajeev Gupta
  2. Prof. K. Sravya
  3. Prof. Praval Chauhan

Faculty Mentor from School of Physiotherapy

  1. Prof. Rudrika Joshi

Faculty Mentor from School of Humanities & Social Science

  1. Prof. Arun Jaiswal
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