Mamta Shukla, BCCT Student, Semester Second, ITMBU

I am student of BCCT and would like to say about ITMBU that I am so blessed to study this course in this university because every student of BCCT is getting such an ample amount of facilities to pursue their degree such as clinical posting at Rhythm Hospital, Vadodara from very first day of admission, 100 bedded hospital for other training and different labs at ITMBU premises, very learned professors who clarify each and every doubts regarding study. I highly recommend ITMBU for taking admission in BCCT and other paramedical courses.

Ishita Sethiya, BMRIT Student, Semester Second, ITMBU

Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses medical imaging technology, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and Ultrasounds to diagnose and treat medical conditions. A degree in Radiology provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in medical imaging, radiation safety, anatomy and patient care. All these facilities I am getting at ITM (SLS) Baroda University, Vadodara. I appreciate teachers and technicians to teach us in a very prominent way about the very useful course which provide job as well as reputation in society.

Vanshika Mehta, BCCT Student, Semester Second, ITMBU

I would to thank you my university ITM (SLS) BARODA UNIVERSITY for my experience as a volunteer at the health check-up camp as it was both educational and fulfilling, and I would highly recommend this university to anyone to pursue their study in paramedical programmes and who are interested in giving back to their community and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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