Admissions Open 2022-2023 / 4 year degree program B.Design (Interior Design) and 3 year Diploma in Architecture. Lateral entry to second year B Design for Diploma in Architecture students.

Prof. Ar. Meena Duttagupta

Incharged HOD

Dr. Beena Santosh Modathi

Dean, School of Design

Deans message

Welcome to the School of Design (SOD), ITM, where we build culture through creativity. Prospective students often ask: Why DESIGN as a career? At SOD, there’s no single answer. Hence, we invite you to carve your path and re-create your own experience.

We are a community of intellectually curious designers and thinkers who  believe in fostering critical thinking, deep reasoning, empathy and effective communication. Our rigorous B. Des Programmes in Fashion Design , Interior Design, Graphic Design and Product Design  provide numerous opportunities to engage in the different aspects of creating an experience while nurturing young minds by providing a firm foundation in theory and application utilizing innovative, state-of-the-art software and computer technology. SOD thrives to create global citizens with  the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective professionals in selected careers with deep rooted core values of being ethical and logical.

Explore and experience how academics at SOD breaks the barriers of  traditional models of learning  and harnesses  experiential acquisition . A team of proactive dynamic faculty and staff drive innovation through rigorous research and a flexible curriculum.

We strive to deliver a distinctly different teaching pedagogy  that combines a rich, interdisciplinary design-based philosophy. At SOD, we encourage students to imagine, innovate and push their boundaries while engaging them in critical thinking by re-imagining, re-thinking, re-questioning, re-exploring, re-experimenting through myriad approaches with technology, craft, sustainability at its core. We ensure and reiterate  that our students will hone  a unique thought process and perspective along with their readiness to solve larger problems


We’re happy you found us and we look forward to meeting you!

School of Design

Step into the dynamic realm of our Design Institute, where innovation meets sustainability in a vibrant fusion of creativity and conscience. Here, we don’t just design; we engineer the future, integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) with a profound commitment to eco-friendly materials and practices.
In our fast-paced world, design isn’t just about appearances—it’s about solving intricate puzzles, elevating user experiences, and making a tangible impact on both society and the planet. That’s why our institute stands tall as a beacon of design education, blending the latest tech trends with a deep-rooted ethos of sustainability.
Within our walls, students aren’t just learners; they’re visionaries equipped with the tools to tackle tomorrow’s challenges head-on. From harnessing AI’s prowess to streamline design processes to championing the use of eco-conscious materials, our curriculum sparks innovation and nurtures a profound sense of environmental stewardship.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey where creativity knows no bounds, technology is a catalyst for change, and sustainability is the beating heart of design, then welcome to our Design Institute—where the future of design unfolds with every inspired stroke.