For BBA Graduates:

The BBA programme gives graduates a flexible skill set that opens doors to a variety of employment prospects, such as:

  1. Business Analyst: Analysing data and trends to offer insights for strategic decision-making.
  2. Marketing Specialist: Creating and carrying out marketing initiatives to advertise goods and services.
  3. Financial Analyst: Making investment suggestions, performing risk analysis, and evaluating financial performance.
  4. Human Resource Manager: monitoring hiring, education, and workplace regulations.
  5. Operations Manager: Maintaining effective procedures and controlling resources for the best possible corporate performance.
  6. Entrepreneur: Establishing and running your own business.
  7. Sales Manager: Directing sales teams and creating plans to meet revenue targets.

Further Education:

  1. A BBA degree can be used as a springboard for higher education, such as completing an MBA or specialised Master’s programmes in fields like finance, marketing, or supply chain management.
  2. In conclusion, a BBA programme gives students a strong foundation in business principles, a wide range of transferable skills, and a wide range of future opportunities. It’s a flexible degree that equips graduates with the skills necessary for leadership positions as well as entry-level jobs, and it offers a solid foundation for additional study and career advancement.

MBA Program:

Due to their superior business knowledge, leadership talents, and strategic thinking capabilities, MBA graduates have access to a wide range of professional prospects. The following are some well-known professional routes that MBA students can choose from:
  1. General Management: MBA grads frequently begin their careers in management positions, which entail supervising groups of people, entire departments, or even entire businesses. These jobs consist of:
    Divisional Manager
    General Manager
    Operations Manager
    Business Development Manager
  2. Finance: MBA holders with a concentration in finance can work in financial management, investment research, and corporate finance in positions like:
    Investment Manager
    Corporate Financial Officer
    Financial Analyst
  3. Marketing: Graduates from MBA programmes can work in positions that require strategic planning, market research, brand management, and advertising, such as:
    Brand Manager
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Market Research Analyst
    Marketing Manager.
  4. Consulting: MBA graduates are hired by management consulting firms to offer expertise and solutions to a range of business difficulties faced by clients in various industries. roles consist of:
    Management Consultant
    Strategy Consultant
    Business Analyst
  5. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial MBA graduates can launch their own companies or work for startups in senior positions, including:
    Entrepreneur and founder
    Startup manager
    Venture capitalist
  6. Supply Chain Management: Supply chain management specialisation MBA graduates can engage in positions that entail enhancing logistics, purchasing, and supply chain operations, such as:
    Manager of Supply Chain
    Logistics, and Procurement
  7. Human Resources: MBA graduates who work in HR positions prioritise employee relations, organisational development, and talent management:
    Manager of human resources
    Manager of talent acquisition
    Specialist in organisational development
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