The placement rules of ITMBU seek to provide a fair and reasonable opportunity to all its students to be suitably placed according to their Aptitude, Scores, Attendance, Caliber & Competence. The rules below have been defined to meet the aspiration of maximum students. This is a dynamic process and the rules will be updated as per the need of the hour.



1.1. All companies generally follow the following placement process


  • 1.1.1. Presentation about the Company & Job Profile (PPT)
  • 1.1.2. Written Exam (Aptitude / Technical Test)
  • 1.1.3. Group Discussion (10 to 12 Students)
  • 1.1.4. Technical Interview (One to One)
  • 1.1.5. HR Interview
  • 1.1.6. Verification of Documents
  • 1.1.7. Any other as per the company request


1.2. All students who are eligible and require placement assistance must fill a Placement registration form.


1.3. Once registered, each student must participate in the placement activities.


1.4. Student wishing to opt out of the placement assistance can do so by signing the declaration.


1.5. Campus placement involves interacting with external entities/people. It represents a significant opportunity for creating goodwill and esteem for the student and the University. The participating entities view the student as an ambassador of the University. Students are therefore cautioned to display civility and good professional conduct while interacting with the external entities. If any student is found to be in violation of professional code of conduct, he/she is liable to be debarred from placement assistance.


1.6. Recruiting companies will inform the University about their requirements, role descriptions, eligibility norms and the remuneration packages being offered.


1.7. These details will be shared with students through the Placement Committee. Students will be able to decide about participating in the company’s recruitment process depending upon their interest, suitability, specializations and career interests.


1.8. Resumes of interested and/or suitable students will be sent to the recruiting organization, basis which the company will notify a shortlist of students.


1.9. Shortlisted students will be informed about the selection process which may include one or more of the following: Personal or online Assessment, Telephonic interview, Case Discussion, Group Discussion, Multiple rounds of Interviews. These may be conducted on the University’s campus or at other premises to be chosen by the company.


1.10. Students may be required to go to the company’s office or other pool campus locations for final placements as may be decided by the company.


1.11. All participating students are required to be present in the University on all days of placement-related activities in formal attires. For male students this means blazers/suits/shirt & tie, and for female students this means sarees/ business suits.


1.12. It is the student’s responsibility to follow all deadlines arising out of the placement processes. For this purpose, the student must regularly check the emails, messages, or notices from the online portal and comply with the actions as required within the indicated timelines. Non-adherence to the timelines may lead to denial of the subsequent process outcomes such as interviews etc.


1.13. The assigned Student Placement Coordinator for any particular recruitment drive is the single point of contact for the concerned applicants. The TAAP office in any manner whatsoever, shall not be held liable in case an applicant’s queries/complications remain unaddressed (leading to cancellation of the candidate’s application), owing to the inability of the candidate to abide by the aforementioned rule. A candidate must meet deadlines set by the Student Placement Coordinators.


1.14. It is advisable for the candidate to appear in placement selection events in proper formal clothing.


1.15. Placement aspirants must be in possession of their University ID card, hard copy of resume and stamp size photo while appearing for a placement session.



2.1. One student-One job policy: This means that on day N, if a student gets announced as selected/placed by a company, he/she stands disqualified for sitting in any subsequent selection event from day N+1, irrespective of whether he/she had originally applied for it, before the said announcement of the selection subject to:


  • 2.1.1. Students who are placed in a company, having a package below 3 Lakhs will be permitted to participate in placement drives only for those companies that are providing an annual package of 4 Lakhs and above.
  • 2.1.2. Students who are placed in a company, having a package between 3 Lakhs and 4 Lakhs will be permitted to participate in placement drives only for those companies that are providing an annual package of 5 Lakhs andabove.
  • 2.1.3. Students who are placed in a company, having a package above 4 Lakhs will be permitted to participate in placement drives for companies that are providing anannual package of 5.5 Lakhs and above.
  • 2.1.4. Placed students will be permitted to attend placement drives in other companies regardless of amount of package and domain of the company, only when 70% students in their respective branches are placed.
  • 2.1.5. It is not mandatory for a candidate who willingly decides not to participate in any placement drive to attend the drive; however, the TAAP Cell will not take any responsibility for it.
  • 2.1.6. If any company offers a package of 6 LPA or higher, then all candidates- whether placed or unplaced will be permitted to participate in the campus recruitment drive.
  • 2.1.7. A student once selected by a company is not eligible to appear for any more placement opportunities. However, students selected in IT service/cross functional companies are permitted further chances to appear for respective core Sector Companies, provided the salary offered is higher by at least 25% more than the offer from the original IT Service/cross functional Company.
  • 2.1.8. In the special case of a waitlisted candidate, who has been explicitly mentioned to be on the waitlist of a company’s recruited personnel list, he/she shall be allowed to appear for further placement sessions. The first confirmed official intimation for a candidate from a company shall be considered the declaration of being placed/selected.


2.2. After the Pre-Placement talk for Final Placement, student/s can withdraw his/her candidature. Once the company’s placement process commences, students will not be allowed to withdraw. Any withdrawal will result in debarring the student from the placement assistance process.


2.3. If a candidate registers for a particular company but fails to turn up on the day of recruitment without notifying about his/her absence by an official correspondence (through an email to the TAAP office or to the Student Placement Coordinator in charge of the particular company’s recruitment session) prior to the event, the candidate will be barred from appearing in the next two forthcoming placement recruitment events. Intimations will be accepted till 1 hour from the reporting time. Any intimation of absence post that will not be taken into consideration.


2.4. A candidate who gets shortlisted for consecutive rounds of the recruitment process is bound to go through the entire selection procedure unless rejected midway by the company on the day of the recruitment drive. Any candidate who withdraws deliberately (unless otherwise motivated by unexpected deterioration of health, a direct message from the recruiters end to the concerned candidate or an unforeseen immediate emergency, which requires urgent and immediate redressal), in the middle of a selection process shall be debarred from availing any further placement services provided by the Placement Cell in position, for the rest of the placement session with respect to the particular batch under consideration.


2.5. In case, a student decides not to join where he got selected, he should inform the company in writing with reasons at earliest and also required to submit a copy of that letter / mail to the Placement Office.


2.6. If a student gets a pre-placement offer (PPO) from an Organisation, he/she will be considered as campus placed and will not eligible for further placement assistance from the University


2.7. In the event of students appearing for multiple recruiting companies’ selection process for final placement, it would be mandatory for the student(s) to accept the first offer and join that company.


2.8. In general, all eligible interested students are expected to appear for all the selection processes (On & Off campus). However, an eligible student may withdraw from the placements drive not more than two times on his/her own with prior intimation and approval. Students who are absent beyond two drives will be disqualified for the campus placements.


2.9. Selected students shall be obliged to honour the offer given by the industry/company to sustain the relationship of ITMBU with the companies.



2.10. Method of being counted as a ‘placed’/ ‘selected’ candidate: Mode of announcement of the selected (placed) candidates differs from company to company. While some companies may choose to publish the list on their websites, some announce the same on the day of the placement drive itself. However, a student is declared by the PC to have been placed (selected) only after an official communication (in the form of an official mail or hardcopy of the call letter) by the concerned company.


2.11. An applicant who has been placed through an off-campus (or pooled) recruitment drive, facilitated by the Departmental PC or by their own effort shall also be declared/ pronounced as placed by the ITM-TAAP office. Such candidates by virtue of the One student-One job policy, are thereby ineligible to appear for any further recruitment drives.


2.12. If any student of ITM University is placed through an off-campus (or pooled) recruitment drive, University possesses all rights to share/use such recruitments for their admission promotion drive on all kinds of media (print/digital/e-content).


2.13. The TAAP office gives no guarantee of placement. Only aims to maximize the number of placement drives that can be held in campus.


2.14. All formal announcements shall be made via notices displayed on the Placement Notice Board, followed by a WhatsApp message and a mail from the official mailing address if found necessary. Each candidate is, thus, required to keep a tab of the notices put up on the Placement Notice Board. The TAAP office, in no way, is responsible for any candidate being unable to meet deadlines on account of failing to notice an announcement displayed on the board.



Eligibility and CGPA will be as per the respective companies criteria.


4.1. Companies may indicate early joining in their offer letters. Such cases will be reported to the placement office, HOD and Dean.


4.2. At present, the University does not have an explicit policy for early joining. The University does not encourage early joining as it involves loss of academic credits which may potentially lead to incomplete coursework and withholding of the degree. However, such early joining may be permitted depending on the merits of the case. In all circumstances the student would be allowed to join early only if recommended by the respective Dean and approved by the Vice Chancellor(PROVOST).


4.3. If a student is allowed to join early, then he/she would have to give an undertaking whereby he/she would diligently undertake the Assignments given to him/her and report to the concerned faculty member on the mutually agreed days. Failure in submitting the assignments and meeting faculty members on the assigned day(s) may result in withholding of the degree. The student must manage the leave of absence from the company, to write their final examinations and complete other academic requirements in time.



5.1. Students may be debarred /blacklisted from the placement if he/she is found involved in any in disciplinary activity or engaged in malpractices.


5.2. Students giving wrong data/information in Training and Placement Coordinators, he/she will be debarred/blacklisted from the placement activities for the rest of the academic year.


5.3. Students cannot drop out from the selection process once he/she has been shortlisted for further rounds after Aptitude Test. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulter student/s.


5.4. Any kind of misbehavior/complaints reported by the company officials/faculty/staff/volunteers will be taken seriously & those evolve will be debarred/ blacklisted from future campus placements.


5.5. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the Placement Office will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions. The decision taken by this office shall be binding on all students/scholars.


5.6. The University reserves the right to change/modify any or all of the above-mentioned rules/regulations and procedures, whenever it is deemed necessary to do so.


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