Dedicated team of Training and Placement Cell at ITMBU, is committed to provide a fair and reasonable opportunity to all its students to be suitably placed according to their Aptitude, Scores, Attendance, Caliber & Competence. TAAP cell provides such assistance to prepare the students to secure lucrative and appropriate positions in the industries. Campus placement involves interaction with external entities/people. It represents a significant opportunity for creating goodwill and esteem for the student and the University. The participating companies view the student as an ambassador of the University. Therefore, ITMBU aims to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary before recruitment. The TAAP operates whole year to enhance contacts and relationship with potential and existing recruiters.
The vibrant TAAP Cell of ITMBU functions with a clear objective to facilitate the students to fulfil their career aspirations. We have Training and placement teacher coordinators as well as student coordinators at each department/School working in coordination with the TAAP cell. The TAAP Cell is working to support various training, internship and placement related activities. The TAAP office aims to maximize the number of placement drives that are held in campus.

Key Objectives of TAAP Cell:

  • To arrange various training programs to enhance skills of students
  • To provide the process of placement and internships
  • To provide employment opportunities to the students
  • To enhance and strengthen relationships with our recruiters.

All companies generally follow the following placement process

  • Presentation about the Company & Job Profile (PPT)
  • Written Exam (Aptitude / Technical Test)
  • Group Discussion (10 to 15 Students)
  • HR Interview
  • Technical Interview (One to One)

On the basis of the above, TAAP Cell offers the following services to enhance the employability:

  • Aptitude/Technical Test
  • Internships
  • Career Tracks
  • Mock Interviews
  • Placement Office

Aptitude/Technical Test

TAAP arranges diagnostic and aptitude assessment tests of the students to give them feedback about their level of preparedness in the area of aptitude, maths, logical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, data interpretation and English. We also invite renowned professional companies like Times, Career Launchers etc. to trains our students.


An internship is a short-term work experience offered by companies for students to get some entry-level exposure to a particular industry or field. Ideally, during internship, students asked to work on relevant projects, learning about the field, industry connections, and developing skills. With the aim to provide hands on experience of industrial machines and their technologies and to make them industry ready, TAAP encourages the internship training programme of varied duration ranging from two or more weeks for the students of different streams of B.E., B. Pharm., B.Arch. and MBA.
ITMBU has firm conviction that even though the students acquire knowledge through their curriculum, internships develop the required skills necessary for industry ready. TAAP establishes close ties with the our new and existing recruiters, which are in the process of providing jobs to our students and the TAAP cell tries to develop intensive interface with leading industries. The internships greatly increase the chances of being selected for a job.


TAAP cell helps students of ITMBU makes the students clear about their career goals, i.e. “what they want to do after completion of their graduation?”.
All students who are eligible and require placement assistance are asked to fill a Placement registration form to opt one out of the following basic career goals for any undergraduate student: 1) To go for higher studies in India or abroad, or 2) need recruitment assistance or 3) To become an entrepreneur or 4) Join Family Business.


The TAAP facilitates mock interviews for the students who are opting for the placement. A mock interview helps students learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve his/her communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual job interview. The more students practice, the more they will be prepared to encounter a job interview. Mock interviews provide candidates with an opportunity to test their interview skills, help students in reducing their anxiety, give boost to their confidence and positivity. The power of positive thinking and self-confidence help students do better in interviews.


TAAP cell prepares students for CV writing, discussing the interview process and analyzing their weakness strengths that are fundamental to make students ready for their future role in the industry.


The TAAP Cell supports the placement procedure at every stage. Arrangements for interviews, group discussions and pre-placement talks are handled by TAAP cell.


ITMBU is well equipped to support the placement process online or off line:


  • ITMBU has established a separate cell with full time staff for placement supported by a dedicated team at department level.
  • Well equipped rooms for interviews and group discussions with high speed internet.
  • Fully computerized TAAP office.
  • Well equipped Seminar halls to conduct pre-placement talks and tests.
  • Student placement – coordinators to assist on the day of the selection process.
  • Video conferencing facilities in case of on line interviews.
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