Students Experience with Global Internships

-Kaveet Patel-

Industrial University, Vietnam

During my internship at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh, I had the chance to explore Mechatronics advancements, including Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 labs. I learned about Data Science, AI, and Python, and had insightful discussions with Prof. Bui Tang Hung about our research on Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Robotics. The experience was eye-opening and amazing. I am grateful to ITM (SLS) Baroda University for providing this opportunity, and I extend my sincere thanks to the department faculty and ITMBU management for their continuous support.

-Yash Patel -

Industrial University, Vietnam

I recently travelled to Vietnam under an International Internship at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city to carry out research under Professor Bui Tang Hung. It was an extraordinary experience and I came to know about so many modern equipment and instruments. The modern labs were really fascinating and people there were so supportive. I also learnt about their culture. Thanks to ITMBU

-Mustansir Gheewala-

Industrial University, Vietnam

ITM Baroda University convinced and motivated me to travel to Vietnam, where I experienced a great learning opportunity. Through various methodologies, ITMBU provided hands-on knowledge and international internships, transforming my thoughts and introducing me to advanced equipment and emerging technologies. Grateful to ITMBU. 

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