The Department of Communication and Media Studies aims to contribute a fair and unbiased mirror to the events happening around the world and prepare an effective tool to empower the people in general. Our vision is to cultivate globally adept journalists and filmmakers deeply committed to social responsibility, ethics, and equality, fortifying democracy’s core. We foster writing prowess, creativity, news acumen, photo/video editing skills, and savvy media application.


  • Fostering educational excellence by imparting core journalism and mass communication principles, emphasizing critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication, while nurturing creative minds for transformative media solutions
  • Experiential learning in writing, multimedia production, research, and digital communication, equipping students to effectively engage with various forms of media.
  • Train students to critically analyze media content, enabling them to decipher messages, question narratives, and contribute to informed public discourse.
  • Empower students to actively engage with social issues, advocate for positive changes, and contribute meaningfully to society through effective communication.
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