Prof. (Dr.) Himani Pandey

Dean - School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Prof. (Dr.) Himani Pandey, Welcome to the Department of Communication and Media Studies, where we nurture talent and innovate future. I am delighted to introduce you to our team of devoted faculties and staff who strive to provide our students with a high-quality education that equips them for success in the fast-changing world of today.

Mass media plays a vital role in fostering globalisation, cultural exchange, and diverse information and image flows across countries through various platforms such as news broadcasting, television programmes, new media technologies, social media engagements, film, radio, and music.
The emerging field of mass communication and journalism offers an exhilarating career opportunity for the youth who aspire to serve the community by delivering relevant information, education, and entertainment that empower them.
At our school, we offer a broad spectrum of programmes that enable our students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to excel in various domains of journalism and mass communication careers. Our curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and engaging, and our faculty members are experts in their fields, with years of experience in academia and industry. Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including AV studios, audio studios, multimedia labs, and equipment, which allow them to unleash their creativity and hone their skills.
We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom and that the best way to prepare our students for success is to provide them with hands-on experience and real-world connections.


The determination to serve the nation by nurturing young generations through advance journalistic fervor led to ITM (SLS) Baroda University harnesses the power of communication through advance learning, research & innovation, primarily in journalism, communication and knowledge management in India. This not only empowers students but also makes them responsible contributors in society. Our professional media education emphasizes on our values which is in turn linked to our culture. In brief, we provide a pedagogy which is flexible, innovative and experiential, encourages professional responsibility and in which the personal bond between a teacher and student is respected and nourished. It is not only sensitive to social-development needs but also to responsive to secular values and human rights. In an interdependent world, we provide a special place for young graduates to discover the world of media and bond with human race globally through effective communication. We transform a student into an individual who truly knows ‘how to live and contribute not only as human beings but also a nation in a global perspective.